Cancer which has eaten deep into our society is also eating deep into the knowledge of how to manage it effectively.

Cancer as we know eats up some if not all cells from the body and inhibits it from reproducing a new and healthy ones. For decades now scientist have been searching for cure but still no way out yet.

The good news is that it can be managed and one can live a meaningful life for a while.

I have compiled some major ways to manage cancer effectively and this methods works fine if properly utilized.


1. Resting: A patient is said to need effective rest when admitted in the hospital, take it or not, A cancerous person is a patient that needs constant monitoring, therefore such person deserves adequate rest in order to have much energy to utilize.

2.  Exercising: Over the years exercising has been a major way to tackle some illness and has been proven effective, A patient who can endure and engage in some exercising activities can beat off their illness, the same trick applies to a cancerous patient, as we know this sort of sickness pins one down and makes the cells to be more relaxed and the antibodies becomes weaker, but if exercising is engaged the antibodies helps to restore some down-lines of the tissue thereby prolonging the life span of a cancerous patient.

3. Eat More: Food which is an essential means of getting the body energized must be involved in this fight. Food that contains vitamins must be consumed adequately and regularly in order for the cells and antibodies to function well, food such as vegetables and fruits are mostly recommended and trust me, it works a great deal in fighting cancer.

4. Engage In Activities: My take on this is very high and simple, A lonely mind is at the peak of destruction, don’t be forced by cancer to be put to bed and become so lonely, stand up and engage in something meaningful to distract yourself from your “so called pain” when you engage in extra curriculum activities, you become more alive and you mingle with people a lot, thereby your spirit becomes more alive and you count it a memory to always remember.

5. Reduce Mental Stress: When ever you feel stressed up in getting something done, don’t consider yourself handicap by calling for help, we sometimes have to lean on someone to get somethings actually done. Call for help when needed so as to live longer than expected, consider yourself a prime target of ridicule if you are seen stressed out, fight it and live it.


Cancer should not be seen as the end of one’s life, just like any other illness that has no cure, staying alive and making it count should be the ultimate desire of anyone living with Cancer. Stay alive and Fight it.



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