“Is It Possible To Feel Passionate Again”? YES. HOW?- SUSAN BRATTON

Has the frequency of your lovemaking been declining? Instead of passion, could she be feeling boredom or even lack of interest?  You are free to ignore this growing wedge between you if you’re willing to let it grow worse… until she’s barely touching you anymore. Or you can — at your own pace — take the steps that more than 150,000 men have already used to turn around their wife’s dwindling desire for them.

Do you and your wife only sleep in bed?

It is possible to rekindle the spark no matter how long you’ve waited to seek a solution. Why? Because deep down inside every woman is a young girl, secretly dreaming of romance and passion. Not only is it human nature to want closeness, affection and connection with our beloved, women (as well as men) crave variety and spontaneity.

Do you want your lady to secretly dream of romance and passion with you again?  You can!  Even if what you’ve tried isn’t working.  To recreate the spark you once had, look through this list of conditions, behaviors and attitudes a couple needs to have in place for both partners to feel that ONEness, closeness and passion for each other again.

Review this checklist to see which of these areas need the most attention in your relationship.

Reclaim Passion In 8 Steps

Here is a high-level overview of the eight ways of thinking and acting that get her excited to be with you intimately again. Further down you’ll get even more detail to create your own turn-around plan.

  1. Increase your masculine behaviors to become more appealing to her feminine side.

  2. Assume responsibility for your own happiness instead of depending on your partner’s signals. Be your own man of integrity.

  3. Take charge of your intimate relationship and provide sensual leadership for your partner.

  4. Actively help your wife overcome whatever resistance issues are holding her back from feeling her desire for intimacy with you.

  5. Give her your approval when she pleases you. Reward her for progress toward more passion. Set boundaries for respectful relating.

  6. Stop “trying to get sex,” and instead become the man she wants to make love to by inspiring her and leading her to pleasure.

  7. Ignite her sensual reawakening by romancing her first as you bring sensual and seductive moments into your everyday relating.

  8. Escalate her feelings of passion by seducing her in ways she loves and responds to as you ignite her passion by learning new lovemaking techniques and actively becoming a better lover.

You’re Not Alone
This is the specific group of behaviors, actions and attitudes that you can use to lead your lady to new heights of pleasure and connection.  Thousands of men have followed these steps before you. You didn’t know what you didn’t know, but now that you do, you can turn your relationship into a fun, healthy, passionate experience that keeps getting better!

If you are ready to take the steps necessary to turn your relationship back into a pleasurable, intimately connected union with your warm, loving wife there are “ways of being” her man that will pull her closer into your arms again. And there are little course-corrections you can make to help her overcome her own issues to intimacy as well.

The best part of this relationship rewind is that you can get back to the sweetness and excitement that existed when you were first dating, when you were newlyweds, when life was full of the potential for pleasure. There is a path back to passion and it exists in these subtle changes, things you can control. All you have to do is click here to look at the stories of the other men who’ve had breakthroughs when they were sure all was lost.

One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

What do you do? Start by putting one foot in front of the other. Start with any one of these 8 steps that you feel called to pay attention to.

Has your wife become your platonic friend? Try re-injecting polarity by using more of your masculine ability and evoking her feminine side.

Have you been allowing her unhappiness to affect your mood? Take charge of your life and you’ll appeal to her more.

Have you been letting her call the shots to keep from rocking the boat? Take charge of your relationship and begin creating pleasure for you two in little ways each day.

Has your wife begun harping at you? Is she dissatisfied with you? Set some boundaries for positive communication and reward her for being kind, instead of nasty. She’ll respect you again for this integrity.

Consider your integrity around asking for physical intimacy too. Are you begging or bargaining for marital relations? Are you trying to “get some” by doing chores and expecting…

rewards? Pleading, demanding… these are demeaning behaviors better replaced by knowing how to make her offers she’ll accept, rather than reject. Understanding easily-learnable techniques that move your woman toward pleasure will be more fun than begging for scraps of attention.

Ultimately if you choose to become your wife’s lover again, you’ll need to learn a few new tricks to breathe life into your lovemaking. Becoming a student of passion and pleasure is not only fun, it’s easy. But be careful. If you are rebuilding your erotic connection, the worst thing you can do is spring some new technique on her. Your best bet is to start with some valuable communication skills, because the way to a woman’s body is through her mind and heart.

Women need to talk and connect verbally. Even if you are a man of few words, there are easy ways to romance her.  If you want to move forward the best place to start is with a few ninja romance techniques that woo her the way she’s dying to be romanced but can’t even tell you herself.

Here’s a recap of the 8 Fun Steps To Reclaim Your Passionate Marriage:

  1. Re-Inject Polarity – the masculine/feminine balance required for a sexy relationship.

  2. Get Out Of Dependency – own your happiness and she will follow your lead.

  3. Get Into Decisive Leadership – take charge of your relationship and lead her to pleasure.

  4. Overcome Her Resistance Issues – proactively fix or work-around whatever is holding her back from her natural sexual desire.

  5. Get Into Building Respect – start giving her approval and setting boundaries which reward her for good behaviors.

  6. Get Out Of Trying To “GET” – inspire and stimulate her, lift her spirits, cause her to feel alive and challenge her in positive ways so she comes on to you, her man, automatically.

  7. Ignite Turn On With Seduction Techniques – begin romancing her heart and mind again, then use sensual experiences to reawaken her body while you run her menus of right-sized offers.

  8. Escalate To Passion With Advanced Sexual Skills – use a series of techniques that allow her to surrender to her potential for multiple climactic experiences.


One Odd Trick You Can Use Tonight To Romance Her Again

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