Text Message That Can Help Better Your Relationship

Texts you should send to your partner every day. For women, using texts to apologize, work out differences, or make decisions was associated with lower relationship quality. For men, too-frequent texting was associated with lower relationship quality. On the positive side, researchers found that using text messages to express affection actually enhances relationships and creates a stronger partner attachment. Sending a loving text was even more strongly related to relationship satisfaction than receiving one! Researcher John Gottman found that, for a relationship to be stable, there must be five positive feelings or actions between partners for every one negative feeling or action. Consistently initiating positive interactions makes it more likely that your relationship will survive and even thrive amidst stress, conflict, and challenges. One way to build positives is through text messages, like these 5 types that will increase the goodwill between you and your partner.

Source: blixtstudio/DepositPhotos Compliment

“I love your enthusiasm for life!”

“You’re great at getting our kids out the door in the morning.

Thanks for getting them to school on time.”

“You’ve got the best smile.”

“You’re really balancing work and home in a great way. Thanks for managing your work so you can spend some quality time at home.” “You’re a fantastic cook. I love this new lasagna you made.” Thank you

“Thanks for doing all that laundry last night. I know you were tired.”

“Thanks for being so accommodating when my friends stayed over this weekend”

“Thanks for being so organized and signing the kids up for their spring activities already”

“Thanks for shoveling our snow as well as our neighbors’ sidewalk.”

“Thanks for that nice card you gave me on my birthday. It meant a lot to me.”

Fond memory “I was thinking about that time we went to Chinatown for dinner a while back. Wasn’t that a fun night? We should do that again soon.”

“Thanks for the laugh last night. I really needed that.”

“I had so much fun with you at last year’s New Year’s 5K. Let’s do that again.”

“I borrowed my mom’s record player so we could listen to some old tunes like we used to.


2 thoughts on “Text Message That Can Help Better Your Relationship

  1. Hi Mr counselor. I Sarah. I will need ur advise. My boyfriend of 6years is trying to talk me out of our relationship because he hasn’t gotten a job yet after 3years of graduate. I work with kmpg and earn pretty well. I need ur advise, I don’t want to lose home.
    PS: I’m clocking 30years in November.


    1. hello sarah. i quiet understand your situation. all things been equal you need to understand some things. marriage is a union and not only the matter of wife or husband but the matter for both. if your boy friend of six years is trying to call it quit because he hasn’t gotten a job while you are gainfully employed. i can figure out some things which could have caused his action. 1. may be your attitude has changed drastically towards him just because he is not working yet. 2. may be he is been frustrated in the journey called courtship. 3. he may be jealous of your advancement and not ready to face the whole drama of you supporting him. 4. he might have been misled by his friends. i don’t just want to jump into conclusion on what might be the cause of his action because all we need now is solution to the issue but if it is no 1 or 2 you have to check yourself and make amendment and if it is no 3 or 4, you are on a long battle though i believe with the help of God you will overcome. now try and see your boyfriend and discuss with him to know the cause of his action. husband likes to be respected by his wife which will be your own strength had it been no 1 or 2 is the cause. but you need to really really really talk to God if the cause is no 3 or 4 before you go ahead with your journey of life. i hope if he is meant for you, the matter will not get out of hand but if reverse is the case, i would like you to summon courage and let go of the whole scenario .


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